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We are a charity based education society registered under the name “Paradise Public School Educational Society". Our school is situated in the Village Tahli Sahib, P.O. Babowal, Tehsil Baba Bakala, District. Amritsar (Punjab). It is registered at the office of the Additional Registrar of Societies Amritsar” number SR/117/2007-08. Our society has 15 members committee presided by S. Harbans Singh Ji, President.  Founded by S. Gurinder Singh and S. Palwinder Singh the school was established in rented buildings in 2004 and in 2007. It was setup to provide quality education to tackle unemployment and build good character of new generation in its priority.

Who we are

We, “Paradise Public School educational society” is running a paradise public school in the village Tahli Sahib, P.O. Babowal, Tehsil Baba Bakala, District Amritsar on “NO PROFIT NO LOSS”. We deliver the academic education curriculum based on the syllabus of Punjab School Education Board on CBSE Pattern. 

The Paradise Public School has 15 class rooms, small computer lab/ library and principal's office with around 450 students. We organize innovative and competitive activities to enhance the child’s knowledge to inculcate the Gursikhi moral values among the students. List of activities and competitions is following;

List of Activities:-

  • Quiz competitions:-  Science quiz,  Math quiz , religious quiz.
  • Turban competition
  • Reading & writing competitions
  • Drawing competition
  • Sports events 
  • Creative use of waste materials competitions
  • Divinity exams.
  • Tour/ picnic Programme
  • Lecture of great Sikh personalities
  • Interaction and questioning with civil & police officers (PCS, PPS, IAS level)
  • Gurbani Sehaj Path
  • Environment, water saving and anti-drugs campaign.

Mission objective

  • To spread Quality education at Minimum cost.
  • To set up role model of fair exams, we enrich the spirit in the students to stand up against the mass copy system in exams. Therefore we announced Rs. 10000/- reward if any body will prove copy during the exams of Paradise Public School. 
  • To inculcate the Good human values among the students.
  • To prepare students as GurSikh IAS, PCS and other highly ranked posts.

Our values

Our purpose is to create an educational system based on academic excellence and Dharmic values. We believe in the core principles of Sikhi which can serve as a substratum in the contemporary world.  A culture that fosters honour and reverence in all its nuances and can help craft better human beings for the world regardless their walk of life.

Leadership background 

Palwinder Singh, Managing Director: 
Academic qualifications:  B.Sc. (Non-Medical), B. Education, M.A., PG Diploma in Business Management. In teaching since the year 2000, in addition to being MANAGING DIRECTOR of the school he also teaches Maths to the higher level classes.
Having worked for various social organizations he is founder/president of Baba Shri Chand Blood Donor Society.
In the year 2009 he established the “EKNOOR LOK CHETNA SOCIETY, a registered charity and has done much work on ANTI-DRUGS, and in the areas of ENVIRONMENT (greening the environment through planting trees). BABA SEVA SINGH JI of KHADOOR SAHIB recognizes honors’ and inaugurates the tree planting campaign of EKNOOR projects.
He is part of the 15 members of the District of Amritsar team of SARBATT DA BHALA TRUST run by S. SP SINGH OBROY, A DUBAI BASED BUSINESSMAN who Paid Crores of rupee to release 17 Indian citizens who was facing death penalty for murder of a Muslim youth in Dubai.

S. GURINDER SINGH, Principal: 
Academic qualifications:  M.A, B. Education. In the teaching profession since 1999 he serves as the PRINCIPAL OF PARADISE PUBLIC SCHOOL TAHLI SAHIB and brings on board a wide knowledge in history and religion.
He is GENERAL SECRETARY of GURU MANYO GRANTH SEWAK JATHA JANDIALA GURU District Amritsar, which organize different activities to spread philosophy of Gurbani.
Sdr Gurinder Singh is also a senior member of the EKNOOR LOK CHETNA SOCIETY and worked actively in the above mentioned ANTI- DRUGS COMPAIGNS and the Tree Planting projects to green the environment.

Teacher’s background and Profile

Sr. No.

  Teacher’s Name/ Rank



Gurinder Singh(Principal)

M.A. B.Ed


Palwinder Singh(M.D)



Sandeep Kaur

M.A. B.Ed


Jagpreet Kaur

M.A.,B.Ed(Gold medalist)


Parminder Kaur



Rajwinder Kaur

M.A. B.Ed


Harjinder Kaur

M.A. B.Ed


Chamandeep Kaur

M.A(eco.) B.Ed


Manpreet Kaur

M.A. B.Ed


InderPreet Kaur



Rajinder Kaur



Seema Rani





Contact Information

Paradise Public School

Village Tahli Sahib,
Post Office Mattewal,
Tehsil Baba Bakala,
District Amritsar,
Punjab, India.
Pin code: 143119

Charity registered in England & Wales. Charity number 1041548