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We estimate around 250,000 children in Punjab and the surrounding areas that urgently need a sponsor. At any given time we maintain a live database of 500 children who are currently awaiting sponsorship.

Every time one child is sponsored, another is added to the list of those waiting. The list of children is growing longer by the day. Yet, if every Sikh family living outside India sponsored just one child, then we are well on the way to saving an entire generation.

It’s costs you just 80 pence a day to change a life.

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It is a common practice in some parts of rural Punjab for girls to keep their hair in a joora (tied in a knot and covered with a piece of cloth). As such kindly do not mistake their appearance for boys

Born - 10 May 2009
Vill- Nangla,
Hi! I am Muskan Kaur. We are a family of seven, living in Bhatinda. Every individual has a dream to fly in the sky but my parents are unable to give wings to my dreams due to dire economic issues. I hope that God shines his grace on me and lead me to the right path.
Born - 18 Mar 2010
Vill- Diwana,
Hi! My name is Divya. We are a family of seven, living in Haryana. Every flower has a wish to bloom and even I want to fulfil my dreams to enlighten my aspirations. God, kindly keep me enlightened by showing me the correct path of knowledge and wisdom.
Born - 17 Feb 2009
Vill- Loha Khera,
Hi! I am Mehardeep Kaurfrom Haryana, born in a family of seven people. My parents are unable to raise sufficient amount of money to fund my education. I hope God keeps me under his light and protection, and helps me to achieve the best that is possible.
Born - 18 Sep 2009
Vill- Chander Khurd,
Hi! I am Prabhjot Kaurand I belong to Fatehabad District, Haryna. Due to lack of financial resources my father is unable to produce suitable amount of funds for my education. I hope God helps me to overcome these barriers and enlightens me with true knowledge.
Born - 09 Jul 2011
Vill- Diwana,
Hi! My name is Jagmeet Singh and I belong to Fatehabad District. My parents are uneducated but they want me to give wings to their dreams. We are a family of six and due to dire monetary issues, they are unable to fund my education. I pray to god to show me the ray of hope which leads me to success.
Born - 02 Dec 2009
Vill- Rampur Sunra,
I am daughter of Labourer from Mayopatti. He has to support 4 persons and have very low earning. Even day to day living is difficult. Cant afford my education. I want to live dignified life . Oh God! Send me an Angel who will help me in my education.
Born - 26 May 2012
Vill- Kakran Kalan,
I am Muskandeep Kaur living in Kakra Kala . My father can't afford my studies. Please give me wings to fly high with the help of education
Born - 26 Dec 2010
Vill- Gumti,
Hi! I am Sukhmandeep Kaurdaughter of a farm Laborer from Bhatinda with income not sufficient to pay for my education. But my father wants to see me as an educated being fulfilling his aspirations. God, kindly provide me with all your love and support!
Born - 09 Apr 2012
Vill- Sadhana,
Hi! I am Harsimran Kaurfrom Bhatinda. We are 4 members in the family and live in a 1-room house. My father is in a private job earning just Rs. 50,000p.a. May God support my dreams!
Born - 13 Nov 2011
Hi! I am Harleen Kaurfrom Punjab. My father is into a private job with a family of 5. We live in a 2-room house and he is unable to afford the expense of my education. So, God, bestow your love and support on me to gain better opportunities and education!
Born - 01 Mar 2011
Vill- 50GB,
Myself Manjot Kaur from Ram Singh Pur. My father is Granthi in local Gurudwara and has to look after a family of 9 members. My Grandparents are ailing. Can't afford my education. God please sand an Angel.
Born - 07 Feb 2011
Vill- 75GB,
Being a daughter to a father who can't support your education is a paining experience. My father feel guilty but can't help. Oh God please send an Angel who will support me in getting a good education.
Born - 24 Jun 2006
Vill- khokhar,
Hi I am Arshdeep Singh from Khokhar. My father is in Private job and can't afford my education. Education is a must in this day. God please help me in getting education.
Born - 08 Aug 2011
Vill- Ibrahimwala,
I am Sehajpreet Kaur from Peer Bux Wala. My father's earning is 40,000/- per year and can't afford my education. God please send me an Angel.
Born - 20 Jan 2011
Vill- Raipur Peer Bakshwala,
I am Arshdeep Singh from Peer Bux Wala a member of 6 member family. My father can't afford my education. Please be kind and help me in getting educated.
Born - 28 Jan 2011
Vill- Pandori,
Hi I am Ranbir Singh son of labourer from Peer Bux Wala. My father has to look after a family of 6 members and his earning can not support me in my education. God please help me to find an Angel.


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