To create awareness for clean air and healthy lungs

To create awareness for clean air and healthy lungs

To create awareness for clean air and healthy lungs

Activity to create awareness for "Clean air and healthy lungs"; was organised in Akal Academy Balbehra on 21st August 2021 .

Air pollution is an important environmental risk factor with global public health implications. Common indoor pollutants come from tobacco smoke, radon gas – responsible for over 1,100 deaths a year in the UK .Consequently, it is not surprising that the respiratory system becomes the primary target of the harmful effects.Air pollution is the worst enemy of our lungs. This activity was organised by Ms. Vandana Sharma (HOD Science) and Irmaljeet Kaur (EVS teacher) .Inter-class poster making and speech competition were organised to tell the students about the importance of clean air for our lungs. They were encouaged to adapt some healthy and eco-friendly ways to keep surrounding air clean. Sometimes, we take our lungs for granted and become casual about their health but lungs keep us alive and healthy. That's why it is important to prioritize our lung health.

Our body has a natural defence system designed to protect our lungs, keeping dirt and germs at bay. But there are some important things we must do to reduce risk of lung diseases.

1.Stay home, when sick.
2.Wash hands frequently.
3..Avoid crowds during cold and flu season.
4.Keep physical distance and wear a mask during COVID-19 pandemic.
6.Use public transport.
7 use non-toxic paints only.
8. Use appliances running on solar energy.
9. Plant more and more trees on special occasions like birthday, new year, and festivals like
Diwali etc.
10. Wake up early in the morning and do physical and mental exercise for at least half an hour.
11.Eat foods rich in antioxidants.
12.Improve indoor air quality by growing indoor plants, build airy and spacious houses, and ensure proper ventilation in the buildings.

Clean air is always fair, don't spoil it. Reduce air pollution and save the Mother Nature. Less air pollution, healthy life solution. Be a part of "Green Revolution"; and stop air pollution.

Sep 07, 2021


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