Activity Extempore held in Akal Academy Bhunsla, Kaithal

Activity Extempore held in Akal Academy Bhunsla, Kaithal

Extempore enables the student to think out of the box and off the feet. It is a great platform to develop communication skills and time management. Pushes one to conceive and generate ideas without any preparation. Makes them address and analyse the issue on the spot. With an aim to enhance this skill, an activity was organised in Akal Academy Bhunsla in which students from grade 6 to 12 participated in extempore in which students were being given the opportunity to speak publicly on the spot on the given topic.

Students had to pick one slip and were asked to speak on the given topic for 2 minutes. Before speaking, 30 seconds were given to think about the topic. This was very exciting and challenging for students to speak about the topic, on the spot without preparations.

All the participants gave their best. This activity was held inter- house.

Sep 08, 2021


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