Drug De-Addiction Walkathon by Rural Students

Drug De-Addiction Walkathon by Rural Students

Drug Addiction has not only severe ill effects but also can cause death. Today's young generation is becoming a victim of drug addiction. Drug addiction destroys society.

Akal Academy Holi Barara took out a Walkathon to create awareness about ill effects of Drug Addiction and to make the citizens feel their responsibility. The teachers and students of Akal Academy, Holi Barara participated in the walkathon, which marched from Maharana Pratap Chowk to Railway Station Market, Anaj Mandi, Barara under The supervision of the S.H.O.

Akal Academies impart Value-based Education, learning that works and makes the students successful, happy, and satisfied in their lives.

Dec 03, 2021


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