Train a Teacher

Young girls availing free teacher training program at Eternal University, Baru Sahib.

Train a Teacher

Teachers Sponsored out of 318

Women and girls continued to be constrained by India's patriarchal society, as well as ongoing caste discrimination. Many have little or no access to education or basic health services. They even do not have the right to choose their husband and manage that relationship. Without education, women are caught in a cycle of poverty and dependence on male family members.

TAT project is to sponsor the education and hostel fees for underprivileged girls. These girls are getting trained to become a teacher and live life with dignity and independence. ETS assists these underprivileged women and girls in northern states with educational, vocational, and social skills to help them to become confident and financially independent.

Due to security reasons we are not displaying their actual images on the public portal.

Stories of Change

Benefits of Sponsoring a Rural Child

There are many children and families who require interventions in different aspects of life. Explore our other options to bring transformation that lasts in the lives of those in need.


Join Hands

Let’s join hands to uplift Rural areas of Punjab.


Remove Darkness

Education is the light Which will remove darkness of drugs from Punjab.


100% Return

The gift of Education gives 100% returns by spreading smiles and happiness.


Sparkle of Hope

Donate whatever you can spare and see the sparkle of hope in the sad eyes.


Worldly Riches

Real gift are not worldly riches but Education which no one can steal.


Spreading Happiness

Spreading Education through alphabets is spreading happiness of unlimited bounds.


Small Deed

Donating just a small amount, equivalent to a coffee a day, can free someone from the clutches of Poverty.


Real Gifts

Helping someone with Education is the real gift, which is never expired or dried up.

Education can show a brighter path to the girls to go ahead.

Their future is in your hands

Train a Teacher Now!