'EK-Noor', an Exclusive Value Based Education System - Our Foundation Stone for Building Modern Gurukuls of Modern India

Nov 12, 2013
'EK-Noor', an Exclusive Value Based Education System - Our Foundation Stone for Building Modern Gurukuls of Modern India

‘EK-Noor’ is a customized Value-Based Education System, specifically and exclusively designed for India; the system, alongside modern scientific education, blends into itself the traditional Mind-Enshrining techniques, schedules and disciplines that were followed in popular and famous historic learning temples of Taxishila and Gurukul, that once helped India acclaim the world status of being one of the most superior and the utmost place for education which produced genius scholars.

The System, EK-Noor, followed across all Akal Academies alongside CBSE academic curriculum , focuses on imbibing spiritual and virtuous qualities in students through various Mind-Practices like Meditation, Yoga, Prayer, etc, is built upon the ideology of being an Epitome of Inter-Faiths, which is also reflected in Sikh-Faith & its Scriptures, which are proclaimed by pious practitioners of diverse faiths, including Islam and Hinduism, which all professed about Almighty being One & observed no differences amongst people of any Faith.

Across all Akal Academies, this exotic system, has been our strengthening force that has enabled us built a strong Edifice of Superior Education – a culture being devoutly followed ever since inception of first Akal Academy at Baru Sahib in 1986.

The combination works in an excellent partnership wherein spirituality acts as a controller of vices and ego by helping students learn to take full command over their brains – they eventually grow-learning how to be good human being, caring and serving humanity whilst ensuring enrichment of environment, both physical and social, as global citizens, as promoters of world peace and brotherhood.

It is especially observed, that the teacher also double up as role models i.e. explicators of the aforementioned spiritual-social values that would help build a strong virtuous character amongst students. The process involves routine – disciplined practice of prayers and mental affirmations.

For the purpose, teachers, coming from various backgrounds, undergo a rigorous Teachers’ Training Program that ranges from 3-5 years, before they are appointed as Teachers.

“A Souls of Steel ensures that the Mind and the Body together raise the bar”, beginning one’s day with recitation of prayers as per one’s faith regularly in routined manner, helps the students in developing a focused mind that seldom wanders; a new age Tapasya, which has gone over 27 years of refinements & teaching experience, that helps make youngsters adversity proof!

~ Deeksha Singh
~ New Delhi, 8th Nov ’13

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