Akal Academy Alumnus - Paramveer Singh Engineers Solutions for Ireland's Telecom Solutions Giant

Nov 21, 2013
Akal Academy Alumnus - Paramveer Singh Engineers Solutions for Ireland's Telecom Solutions Giant

The expedition to find Super Achievers Alumni of Akal Academies lead us to Dublin City of Ireland, where we found S. Paramveer Singh, 2005-06 Alumnus of Akal Academy Gomti, who is working as an Operational Engineer at ‘The NOW FACTORY’, an IBM company, which provides Communication Service Providers (CSPs) with customer analytics solutions that ensure network profitability and drive service innovation.

Paramveer, now 24, belongs to village Begpur, where he was born in a typical agrarian family, which subsequently diversified into auto-spare parts trading as an ancillary occupation to cope up with the agricultural slump. Paramveer, unlike his adaptive father, was never much interested into joining the family’s occupation at fields or the spares trade and luckily his father was supportive.

Param, who did his entire schooling from Akal Academy located at Village Gomti, told us that ever since his secondary years at school, he had developed a clear focus about becoming an IT – Engineer. He further told us that he feels lucky that both his parents were always supportive about his indifferent career plans & understood his independent nature; he obtained a decent 89% in 10th & 85% in his 12th Board Examinations, studying independently by focusing only upon his session classes at school.

“The studies & assistance provided by school teachers was enough, the environment was such  – that none of us students actually ever felt the need for any external tuitions. Upon my results, my parent’s confidence in me & my indifferent plans about career was further concreted”, he told us during a recent telephonic interview. He recalls & cherishes memories about his favorite school teachers – ‘Khan Sir’ & Mr. Ashok Kumar – Mr. Khan was his G.K. teacher and sports coach while Mr. Kumar taught him English & Social Studies.

After schooling, he took up AIEEE, IIT, UP-TECH examinations whilst taking upon his career interests for Engineering, upon which he came to know about Information & Communication Eng. Bachelor’s course being offered at Dublin City University in Ireland, upon which he applied for the same after clearing the IELTS examinations obtaining the required score in his very first attempt in Sept 2007; his application was accepted and then there was no looking back for him.

After completing his Bachelors he further pursued Masters in Telecommunications at the same university and took up an internship thereafter, in which he maintained company portals before he was finally picked up by the IBM owned Telecom Solution Provider Giant “The Now Factory” company, his present employer.

In his present profile of ‘Operational Engineer’, Paramveer is responsible for handling his company’s world clients like Vodafone & T-Mobile (US).

About life at his village – Paramveer told us that the situation at his village, especially on the context of education had more of less stabilized back then as the Akal Academy alongside another Khalsa School did pretty much the work required to bring awareness about education amongst village people. “I feel that Akal Academy did an exceptional job on that front; they are the only reason I or other kids at village learned about Sikhi Faith & Dharam – the difference between the good & bad, had it not been them, no one, including me would know or follow much of any religion”, expressed Paramveer, upon being asked the relevance and influence his school has had on his life.

His message for the youth and students back home at his village: “Jee lagaa ke parho, burey kamaan to door raho; Guru waley paasey logogey te sab aape hi theek rahega!”

-Ramandeep Singh
- New Delhi, 16th Nov ’13

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