Akal Academy Baru Sahib's Super Alumnus Amrit Singh - the man who is always learning!

Sep 07, 2021
Akal Academy Baru Sahib's Super Alumnus Amrit Singh - the man who is always learning!

This week’s super Alumni is a simpleton, Amrit Singh, student of Baru Sahib Akal Academy, is currently pursuing his professional C.A course in Patiala to prove to be a learned man in some time.

His journey is unique and blessed, not because he is a step away from being a professional, but because he belongs to typical agrarian society, from which Akal Purakh has upgraded his life – he credits his success to one and only one thing i.e. the blessing in disguise, that came to his life when his school had to be switched from Akal Academy Gomti to Akal Academy Baru Sahib. When he cited this, we were curious to know the reason, as in, all academies have similar teachers & teaching strategies, then what could possibly be so different he found there that he calls it a blessing in disguise…

Amrit Singh revealed – “ I was never a studious person, neither was I much interested in Academics previously, perhaps I only got an average 75% marks in 10th examination at Akal Academy Gomti – the reason, I personally used to prioritize sports over academics – I was into Volley Ball, Cricket & even Football team, played several state level matches and even had a chance to play at National level; but then, the twist, that brought clarity and perseverance in my  life, on all ends…”

He further revealed, “Just as I began to wonder that why Almighty had made me shift to Baru Sahib Akal Academy – where I had to take up difficult routine of waking up early and going to Gurudwara sahib to recite Baani (Almighty’s Nitnem); just as this slowly was becoming a routine, all my questions and doubts were being answered and the result, not only did my percentage score jumped from 75% in 10th to scoring 84% in 12th examinations (which I could never do, if I imagine myself previously), but I received an unprecedented surge in focus and motivation in everything else too and yes that includes sports.”

Amrit Pal is the younger brother of Ajitpal Singh (our previous week’s super alumni, who is doing MBBS in Russia) – sons of blessed S. Harjit Singh, a petty farmer & his house-wife S. Simarjeet Kaur. Young Ajitpal grew up in a family that was always devoted to Almighty; his father, due to his natural affinity to God, developed close relations with Babaji and have been serving at Akal Academy alongside his farming since 1987.

The 2 brothers also have a sister, who also, by Almighty’s grace on their agrarian family, has received blessings of to be an MBBS, a professional; all 3 kids have had an unexplainable life upgrades – by God’s kind grace; we have talked to both brothers till now and have only been able to get just one simple understating & message, that brother Amrit Pal also repeated, “ there isn’t much that is there to explain but a simple understanding that I would like to share with everyone – “Maintain your Sikhi & especially ‘Savere/Amrit Vele (early morning) da Jaagna’ (habit of rising up early morning hours); these were the only two things that were different at Baru Sahib, rest books, teachers, strategies were all good and similar, perhaps the only things that makes the difference is – Waheguru; which Baru Sahib brought in.”

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~ Deeksha Singh
~ 5th Dec ’13

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