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Abhijot Singh
Abhijot Singh Hi, I am Abhijot Singh from Valtoha village of Firozpur district. My father was a petty farmer, and he committed suicide because he could not bear the burden of heavy loans he had to take to continue farming on his small farm because earning from the harvest was not sufficient for both farming and family. My mother can not pay for my schooling. Please help me because I do not want to live this miserable life. I want to be well-prepared to face the challenges of life, which only with the education I can do.
Id: 5528
Father Name: L.chamkaur Singh
Mother Name: Nanki
Academy: Bharana
Class: Fourth Class
Religion: Sikhism
Age: 9
Category: Farmer Suicide
City: Firozpur
District: Ferozpur
State: Punjab

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