Sep 23, 2013

Simplicity is the glory of expression and the final achievement. After one has played a vast quantity of notes and more notes, it is the simplicity that emerges as the crowning reward of art!

Music is a refuge! Music doesn’t lie! After silence, that which comes nearest to the expressing the inexpressible…is music!

‘Music is the greatest treasure in the world’- this saying is undeniably affirmed by Amritpreet Kaur of Gurdaspur, for whom, music is the movement of the sound to reach the soul.

Music is the shorthand of emotions and for her music was her religion, her passion and her beauty. She matriculated and passed her 12th grade from a Government school in Dera Baba Nanak, Gurdaspur. She secured 70% in class 10th and 71% in her class 12th CBSE. In the 2008, she came to The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib with all her hopes and passion to excel in the stream of music. 

She polished her talent by imbibing the skills of ‘Prayag Sangeet in Instrumental’ at Baru Sahib for a year and currently she is pursuing her Bachelor’s in Music and proposes to be a musician in life. Not only she has made music her reverence, but she also wishes to spread these ‘surs and taals’ within the souls of other people too.Her sister too is a music admirer and teaches the harmony lovers in an Akal Academy at Amritsar. 

Aspirations and dreams have always resided within you but very few realize the importance of time and hit the masterstroke to achieve them. Amritpreet Kaur not only attained success with her best efforts and dedication but she is also an example for those who are still fixing up the wings to their dreams and trying to accomplish their goals.

Devout, thanks to Akal Academy, who not only endowed the instinct of courage in her, but also bestowed the benediction and blessed her soul with spirituality and eternal values. The value based education given by this Academy has raised her endeavor and spirit to work hard. 

It is said that ‘Music’ has a direct relation with the Almighty, so we assume that how well her spirit is attached to Babaji! We all have our inspirational models that make us move on our ambitions. Same way Amritpreet Kaur found the magnetic power of touching souls through Music. There is nothing in the world so much like prayer, as music is.

Therefore, let the strings of your Sitar hit your soul and let your fingers on the Surmandal experience the heavenly bliss. So play the music and not the instrument as music cleanses the understanding; inspires it and lift it into a realm.

~ Gurleen Vedi, BA (HONS) – English
~ Mata Sundri College For Women, New Delhi, 19th Sep '13

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