Everything is Possible when we Defy the Limits of the Mind!

Sep 08, 2021
Everything is Possible when we Defy the Limits of the Mind!

Success is attained through hard work, loyalty, persistence and one’s ability to learn from its own failures, mistakes & weaknesses. True strength lies in an honest submission to one’s desires & dreams, which sets the premise for true devotion.

And this unrelenting devotion behind our efforts doesn’t let any task stay unaccomplished. We learnt this as we scrolled through Jasmeet Kaur’s life at Akal Institute of Rural Women Empowerment, Baru Sahib whilst she pursues Free Teacher Training & Skill Development program run by a charitable trust, The Kalgidhar Society, Baru Sahib. 

Inhabitant of Sidhwan village near Amritsar, Jasmeet strolls through life with a killing spirit & zeal. She left no stone unturned during her foundation course in the 1st year to achieve proficiency in spoken English. She developed an excellent knowledge of the subject & a natural instinct for correct pronunciations, even for the words she had not heard before, just by looking at them. Her fluency and great caliber to develop  herself so quick, astounded everyone around, so much so that she would often switch to English while expressing her ideas & thoughts as she could describe more effectively & swiftly.  

Leadership is action, not position, a challenge to be something more than the average; is what we have learnt from  observing into young Jasmeet’s life, who demonstrated an essence of a true leader, consistently pulling herself up the rope of growth with the grip of strong efforts & strength of will power. Coming from a lower-middle class background, “the knowledge hungry” Jassi’s appearance has a charisma, which is accorded with all flair at the Akal Academy where she is interning at the moment. 

She affirms the belief that virtues of patience & listening, once acquired, give birth to a world of learnings & knowledge. “Speech is a weapon that guides and connects us with the outer world, wherein patience & listening are the stone that sharpens it ” explains us the simpleton.
Besides her academic interests, she is a lover of gadgets, always keen to know more about the upcoming technologies & science breakthroughs. Techie Jasmeet also secretly covets blogging and is fixated with the Akaash Tablet that was part of the tools provided by the centre.. 

She not only aspires to be an educated personality but also harnesses to be a pillar of support and strength to her peers; her closest friend Sukhwinder at the training center lacked creation of thoughts and struggled in speech. She bequeathed the spirit of learning in her and also helped her to improve her speaking and writing skills. And with Jasmeet’s benign support and love, Sukhwinder has not only been able to gain confidence but also showed  significant improvements in the recent assessments. 

Jasmeet’s vision is to be a Professor, so she can spread knowledge and unlock the golden gate of freedom for many like her. She is one of those 9 students of the centre who have been selected to appear for their 12th CBSE in English medium. 

Work of AIRWE has not only given feathers to her aspirations but also boosted up her morale, giving her a backbone to work in an organized and structured environment. The institute  not only proposes to help children to perform well in their academics but also inculcates value based education in them fostering human values.

The aim of education is not knowledge but action. It cultivates the grace and politeness in a being and affords the ability to think. It is a liberating and democratizing force, which helps us overcome all the circumstances. And the person from Malaysia who helped fund Jasmeet’s education was one of the few ones to realize it. Salute philanthrophy!

~ Gurleen Vedi, B.A (Hons.) - English
~ Mata Sundri College For Women, New Delhi

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