'The Zero External Tuition Culture', followed across all Akal Academies

Nov 25, 2013
'The Zero External Tuition Culture', followed across all Akal Academies

Another exquisite feature of Akal Academies that makes us stand distinct amongst other schools, is that all of the Akal Academies have always followed a record trend of absolutely ‘No-Outside-Tuitions’ for any of our students.

“The culture is known to be followed like a religion by all our students, our students of Akal Academies do not know much or are unaware about the concept of tuitions, that is usually prevalent is trending amongst most public and city schools”, cited an experienced senior teacher, who has been serving Akal Academies since a decade.

The exclusive feature, which is supposedly unique or at least rarely amongst schools, especially in the current generation, is being devoutly adhered ever since the inception of Akal Academies – a culture being maintained all through our 27 glorious years.

Though most of the staff members of the organization know about the prevalence of this culture, but our young team of city-kids who managed to get through schools only through riding the expensive tuitions ferry, were highly intrigued to know and understand how this was possible and how the concept has managed to flourish across all academies at all times in parallel.

Upon some pleasantly intrusive keen investigations involving enquiring interviews, which were warmly welcomed, we learned the secret behind – the reason for no student is subscribing to the tradition of taking tuitions or even feeling the need for it and the reason was both stunning & commendable.

Surprisingly, the responsibility of support and guidance beyond schooling hours is fulfilled by the Academic staff – the Teachers themselves, and that too voluntarily and free of any kind of charges, within the school itself, even if it has to be working beyond the stipulated hours. This way the teachers always ensure there is no need for students to look for expensive tuitions, external help or guidance; they believe that course text books alongside focused training is sufficient to crack even through board examinations with flying colors.

This practice was conceptualized to address the concerns of rural and under-privileged students and their families, for whom affording tuitions was not even remotely possible, hence the concept was consciously designed – which has been successfully been observing its universal application across all Akal Academies, ever since.

So tuitions, totally free of charge, are in fact happening regularly within the school premises; primarily seeking to serve the purpose of addressing one-on-one needs of individual students, typically the-private-teachers-way in the cities do in the form of home tuitions; the process and the concept, perhaps, just evolved in a philanthropic and fantastic way for the rural folks!

~ Ramandeep Singh
~ New Delhi, 19th Nov ’13

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