Village Gomti's Ajitpal Singh (MBBS), his journey from field farms to Doctoring Minds - From Russia, with Love

Mar 16, 2022
Village Gomti's Ajitpal Singh (MBBS), his journey from field farms to Doctoring Minds - From Russia, with Love

They took us to US, they took us to Dublin and we have lived through Australia too, this week, our heart is pounding in Russia – as we exchanged some heartwarming conversations with another son of Baru Sahib – one of the Akal Academies’ Greatest Super Achiever alumni, village Gomti’s proud Ajitpal Singh, who gave us time amidst his devoted MBBS pursuit to serve humanity as a Neurosurgeon Specialist.

Ajitpal Singh, who is currently at Russia’s Moscow-located, Tver State Medical Academy, striving at his best, is devoutly preparing himself to serve people back in India as soon as he receives his Doctorate title; for his belief, that he states to have learned has acquired from Baba Iqbal Singh Ji, Akal Academy and his Father motivating him to lead a life dedicated to service & welfare of the society.


From his days of childhood and at school, Ajit shared his affectionate memories of how his father induced love for Paath into him and how the similar environment at school helped nurture him into an individual he is today; he credits everything to his Dad and feels that it has been Sant Baba Iqbal Singh Ji’s blessings that invoked a unique confidence, aspiration and strength into him. “My father taught me Paath a lot early… I memorized all the Banis at a young age and I still follow my Paath regime”, revealed Ajit.

He did his schooling until 8th at Akal Academy Gomti, after which he took transfer to Akal Academy Baru Sahib by his own choice upon receiving insightful inspiration from his teacher Mr. Naresh, who was the reason for Ajitpal discovering his interest in medical science during a biology practical class where Ajitpal found his fascination upon experimenting with doing blood tests – “One day he taught us how to find blood groups in the bio lab… when I went to city few days after , I bought antiserums from a doctor, then I performed this at home”, revealed Ajitpal. He cleared his 12th at Baru Sahib with 80% marks and a smashing 90’s both in chemistry & biology.

In the family, Ajitpal is not the only son; he has a younger sister (also an Akal Academy Alumni), who is also doing medical currently to later pursue MBBS, and also a brother, who again is doing a professional C.A course. “Few years after we will be professionals, by Waheguru’s Mehar”, cited Ajitpal in reverence to Almighty’s Grace.

Towards conclusion, upon being asked what he learned or has anything he wishes to share with everyone, especially parents & students back at village, Ajitpal told us, “Akal Academies taught us to serve. That is what I have learnt and will follow all my life!” He further added that his biggest strength comes from a simple understanding that his father passed onto him & he feels like sharing the same with everyone – “First , don’t forget your Sikhi, maintain your Sikhi Saroop; Second, make Paath a part of your life and third, help everyone! These were the words my father told me when I was leaving for Russia.” Gurfateh!

~ Ramandeep Singh
~ New Delhi, 27th Nov ’13

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