Fighting Back Alcohol ... A new direction!

Oct 20, 2018
Fighting Back Alcohol ... A new direction!

Some in this world die for money and some die because of money.

Taking a drink is a classy way to celebrate for some, but soon it becomes cumbersome. In 21st century India, alcohol abuse poses a major challenge. Problems like Domestic violence, child abuse, and unnecessary wastage of money and so on; its counter effects are adverse. And sadly the state of Punjab is in grip of alcohol and drug abuse consuming 34.5 crore bottles of Liquor (the highest in the country).

To make a child, who grows seeing his father drinking, learn that alcohol is injurious to health is a task. He might object to it bluntly or accept it silently. Whatever may be the case, there are bright chances that he would also fall a victim to alcoholism.

Today, we are attracted towards the western society. Modern day India wants to walk on the footprints of the developed countries of the world. In this course, we are witnessing a decline in our moral values, cultural ethics, inward thinking, tolerance and religious attitude. For one youngster to visit a holy place is not a routine effort any more. There are families who would go on outings daily, but not visit the house of lord even once a month.

Amidst this background of depleting values, Gurjinder Singh, a boy of standard three, made his father shed drinking and re-establish the faith in the Almighty. This may appear hypothetical at a glance, but if one gives it a brief thought then one would realize that this kid only brought lessons into reality. Gurjinder Singh, a student of class 3B of Akal Academy, Ratia, wrote a small article on how he did this. This small wonder astounded his teachers with his write up. He proved that even the adults learn basic lessons from children.

As a student of Akal Academy, a chain of value-based Schools run by The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib; he was taught that intake of alcohol is bad. The young boy was impressionable and these good values were ingrained within him. He was explained what could be the after effects of the same, from which he was able to gather that he should not let his father drink. The spirit within him pushed him more and more to do the needful. One good day he decided to speak to his father about the same. As expected his father not only refused but rebuked him. But this child didn’t give up; he kept on insisting him for next few days despite being scolded. Then intentionally, he decided to stop talking to his father and he made it amply clear that he would not be speaking anymore. His consistent effort and optimistic approach started to reap fruits. His patience showed results since he persisted with his embargo. Pining for the embrace of his child, his father was convinced to leave his deadly habit. Not only this but both father and son duo took baptism “amrit chakna”, the formal initiation to Sikhism. This single deed helps one give up negative acts like alcohol intake, establish a routine of good life and offer prayers to the almighty. He while describing this incident also mentions that his father made him buy a holy book too. This shows that his father was a changed man then.

How would you describe this incident …as a miracle or as a dream world or as a wonder by small lad or as a coincidence??

Many of us are also the victims of alcohol abuse. But what have we done anything about the same? Have we made an effort to make our near-dear ones give up such habit?

Today Indian youth has fallen in the hands of alcohol and drugs badly. One can estimate the gravity of the same from the fact that every other day we get to read in the newspapers about road accidents due to drunk driving. In such cases most of the time, the driver is a youngster between 18 to 30 years of age. This does not only mean loss of health but also the loss of future India. Get up, it’s the time now, learn from Gurjinder, the art of making impossible possible.

~ Harshana Kathpalia, Hindu college,
~ New Delhi, 6th July 2013

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