Latest Technology SMART E-Classrooms that's making Learning Fun & Interesting for Rural Kids

Nov 18, 2013
Latest Technology SMART E-Classrooms that's making Learning Fun & Interesting for Rural Kids

Integrating latest teaching technologies that ensure enhanced interactivity, with effective, impactful learning and understanding amongst students, All Akal Academy classrooms have been turning into SMART E-Classroom, which make use of Interactive Board, Projector and Custom developed Digital content that is based on academic syllabus as per CBSE, making the class environment more interesting, motivating, encouraging and more absorptive for students.

Providing value-based quality oriented schooling to rural children of India remains the prime objective of the Akal Academies. Hence, upon understanding the subtle nature of village environment, especially the psychology of the rural kids and their non-generic learning interests, our organization- The Kalgidhar Trust, based on an in-depth research over years of on-field experience of working at grass root levels in the villages, identified that it requires a lot more than just good teachers.

For kids, where odds against schooling can arising out of number of diverse reasons, with most critical and subtle being lack of motivation, lack of interest in studies and attending school, etc which may carry several different reasons like – certain kids’ inability to understand teachers’ due to language/accent or other regional differences in speech, weak reading ability (esp. in case of new admissions), weak academic background, etc; the need to bring innovations & reforms in teaching techniques was not only crucial, but perhaps a very critical need of the situation in the villages.

Hence, in a record making transition, that has never been introduced or applied in village schools before, Akal Academies placed India’s biggest ever order of 1500+ SMART E-Classroom Interactive Systems with EDUCOMP INDIA, a world renowned pioneer in providing interactive and digital solutions for classroom teaching.

The solution has already been successfully implemented in most of the 129 Akal Academies which are operational, as a result of which, not only did the rate of absenteeism decreased substantially, but it has also helped bringing rural children to schools – the kids and the parents were observed being more enthusiastic about schooling, esp. kids who now know about schools as a place of learning with fun over the big screens where their favorite cartoon characters do the story-telling whilst teaching them alongside.

- Ramandeep Singh
- New Delhi, 13th Nov ’13

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