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All children in this world deserve a chance to be educated and Akal Academy,Baru Sahib is offering them that chance.All they need is your support and a petty amount of our big incomes. So please sponsor children and make this world a better place to live.I support DeedADay.
Shared on Oct 15, 2018
Manika Kaur (singer at Kirtan for causes)
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India is doomed in poverty. And the only ray of hope they have is their children. Only the education of these poverty stricken people can drag them out of darkness. So it’s my kind request that each family donates for a single poor child through DeedaDay.
Shared on Oct 15, 2018
J.S. Uppal (CEO CK Morgan)
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I am truly amazed by the quality of education they are offering and the way they are  shaping students. You would surely be making a difference to many wonderful lives by donating just a little amount of your money. Sponsor a child at DeedaDay and see the difference it makes.
Shared on Apr 08, 2020
Mr Digraj Singh (CEO Digraj Golf speaks)
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Once I was also a student of Akal academy (khamanon) .....I really miss my academy .....had a lot of fun ......and best place rabbb nl judan lyiiii education system.
Shared on Feb 02, 2019
Puneet Rehal

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