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Thank you very much, Daljeet Kaur, these results are very good. Thank you very much for the effort you have put in.  Kind regards. Kulwinder Singh Panesar
Shared on Aug 17, 2023
S. Kulwinder Singh Panesar, UK
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Congratulations to young Ekamjot Singh and his family! I wish and hope for his further success in his future endeavors!  S. Narinder Singh Pujji, Dubai  
Shared on Aug 01, 2023
S. Narinder Singh Pujji, Dubai
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I am so thankful to Waheguruji that he has given me the strength to educate such a lovely child. May Waheguruji bless him and help him to move forward. Waheguruji bless Navdeep Kaur. Shabnam
Shared on Jul 24, 2023
Ms. Shabnam Raheja, India
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I am very happy for Parampal for securing such a high percentage. May Babaji bless him so that he can achieve his goals in life.  With love, Gagandeep Kaur
Shared on Jul 12, 2023
Sdn. Gagandeep Kaur, India
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Very good Ekampreet Kaur. Keep it up. You have a bright future. Harjit Sidhu
Shared on Jul 08, 2023
S. Harjit Sidhu, Singapore
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Sat Sri Akal and Waheguru ji I am very glad to read the report card of dear Simranjeet Kaur. Please convey my congratulations to her and the faculty who are helping her in her studies By the Grace of the Almighty let us hope she will continue to do well and achieve her desired goals Chitdeep Kaur
Shared on Jul 07, 2023
Ms. Chitdeep Kaur, Gurgaon
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We are proud of Daljit's performance. Wahe Guru ji bless her with high education and may she prove the best. With fondest love Sawhney Family
Shared on Jul 06, 2023
S. Narinder Singh Sawhney, UK
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Thank you for sharing the result. I’m delighted to hear Harshita’s hard work is paying off with good results & she should be proud of her achievements. Tell her that we are very pleased with her results & to keep it up. Keep reading books & keep writing even if it’s a daily journal. Kalvinder Kaur
Shared on Jun 13, 2023
Ms. Kalvinder Kaur Janda, Coventry, UK
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God bless Sneha Beta ji. We all are thankful to Waheguru! Regards Karanjeet Singh 
Shared on Jun 09, 2023
S. KaranJeet Singh Anand Australia
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Dear Aad Roop Kaur, Very good scores, keep it up  Harmohan Singh Sethi. 
Shared on Jun 03, 2023
S. Harmohan Singh Sethi Mohali
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It is all blessings of Wahaguru, please take care of your study Gurmeen Kaur and  once again God bless you. Harmohan Singh Sethi. 
Shared on May 25, 2023
S. Harmohan Singh Sethi, Mohali
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You are most welcome beta, May God bless you with a very happy and healthy life ahead
Shared on May 23, 2023
Ms. Sheila Kaur Sohal, UK

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