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Thank you for the greeting card made by Manpreet.Kaur. Please convey to her that it's beautiful and I hope she continues to draw and paint if this excites her. Best regards Amrit Kaur
Shared on Apr 01, 2022
Amrit Kaur, New Delhi
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ETS Admin,  Thanks for your email of confirmation of my  sponsorship of Noordeep Kaur’s education. Please pass my best wishes with lots of love to Noordeep who is determined at such a young age to do well in her studies. I wish her all the best in her education with lots of love.  Gurinder Kaur 
Shared on Jan 06, 2022
Gurinderpal Kaur Aulakh
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Sat Sri Akal Thankyou for the update on Balpreet. I am truly grateful to Guru Sahib ji for giving me the opportunity to do this seva, thus I am very happy that Balpreet is doing soo well  Thankyou again and if she needs anything else please let me know  Kulvinder Singh
Shared on Dec 29, 2021
S. Kulvinder Singh, UK
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Dear Kamalpreet, Thank you for your msg. I feel fortunate that by Waheguru ji's grace I got an opportunity to contribute to the cause of education which empowers us.  I pray may you succeed in whatever field you chose in career & gives fulfilment in your personal life as well. Kulmohan Kaur
Shared on Nov 24, 2021
Ms. Kulmohan Kaur, India
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Dear Kalgidhar Trust I congratulate your organization for the vital task of teaching children for community's progress, unity, strength & prosperity. I would commend more SKILLS training. Thank you very much for the great "sewa" you are doing. Regards, Rajinder Singh (UK)
Shared on Nov 12, 2021
S. Rajinder Singh
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Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh Feels good to hear that Ishika is in good spirits and health. May Waheguru ji keep her blessed and happy always. Convey my blessings and best wishes to her for a wonderful life ahead. Thanks.  
Shared on Dec 22, 2020
S. Harprit Singh, Sec. 29, Faridabad
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Thank you for sharing beautiful sketch by Harsimrat. I’m so proud n wish her to work hard so that she can help many children. It’s all Wahe Guru Ji's blessings. Both my son n daughter are so warmed by Harsimrat’s determination to do well. One day we hope to visit her.  Kamaljit & family
Shared on Nov 16, 2020
Ms. Kamaljit Jhutti, UK
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Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh Thanks for sharing Ishika's result. convey my blessings and congratulations to her. My best wishes for her , May she succeed everywhere in life. regards, HARPRIT SINGH
Shared on Sep 21, 2020
Harprit Singh, Faridabad, Haryana
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SSAJI, Sir it is only with the blessings of the Almighty Waheguruji, we are nothing, so we have to only thank Waheguruji. Wish all the best to Jasmeen for her future success in life & may God fulfill all her dreams & desires May God Bless All
Shared on Aug 20, 2020
S. Manjeet Singh, India
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WJKK WJKF Thank you for keeping us informed. Please send our good wishes to all & keep up the good work Archana puth. We are very grateful to Maharah ji for giving us this opportunity. We would love to visit one day in the future when everything calms down. Stay safe & in Chardikala always.
Shared on Jul 27, 2020
Ms. Manjeet K Goray
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Awesome. Congratulations Amandeep – we wish you the best of everything in your life. We are sure you will continue doing better and better; may Waheguru ji bless you and your family. With lots of love and best wishes, Dadu and Dadi (Brig. and Mrs. PS Sethee)
Shared on Jul 02, 2020
S. Premindra Sethee, India
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Waheguru ji ka khalsa Wahegur ji ki fateh  It feels delightful to know that Ishita is doing well and is in good spirits. Covey my best wishes to her.  My sincere gratitude & thanks to Akal Academy for such a noble cause of imparting education to children as par international standards.  Thanks
Shared on Jun 20, 2020
S. Harprit Singh, Faridabad

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