Stringing Pearls at Baru Sahib - "I want to learn...." A life to turn...

Aug 22, 2013
Stringing Pearls at Baru Sahib -

Every child that goes to school learns a quote “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. But in reality, how many of us do actually put it to use? Can somebody make his/her life, a ritual founded on the basis of the same?


Learning has different motives for different individuals. Those letters written in black ink can become the passage to one’s ultimate goal in life. To such a person every minute is vital to grow.


Akal Institute of Rural Women Empowerment is a social endeavor of The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib and has been creating lives by providing those deprived the privilege to study and stand on their feet. Many girls who are 10th or 12th pass are taken up and provided with a platform to learn and a chance to become teachers in the Akal Academies run by the Trust.


Baljinder Kaur, who hails from a small village of Mangewala in Punjab, didn’t even know Basic English at the time when she was enrolled in this program. Her father works as a painter and has never been to the school. When asked what she wanted to learn, her clear answer was English. It might be both a surprise as well as subject of curiosity for those not aware of the conditions of the schools in rural India.


Baljinder understood the importance of education so much that she took the maximum advantage of the little resources provided to her. She not only learnt modern day subjects but also developed a strong belief in the Almighty. Her everyday spiritual activities made her a strong girl who was ready to face the world outside.


She had the zeal to learn and learn more. One could always spot her with books around. She was extremely involved in the books that made her stand out among her peers, the topic of discussion was an irrelevant one, and she would open her books and try to gather something productive. Though she had to get up early for her morning routine, she used to cut down on her sleep and tried to read as much as possible. Her efforts paid fruitful results; starting as the weakest she superseded those girls who once had a background of English. She became one of the toppers of her batch who would not only do her work but also helped her fellow mates especially Kamaljeet and Baljeet in the best possible manner.


A Punjabi girl, with folk accent that turned into a charismatic lady with fluent English, carrying a philanthropic attitude. Her industrious outlook enabled her to come out of her cocoon bounded by immense shyness. To her it was all a magical dream, where a fairy has altogether changed her life from the chuhlas, cowdung, kucha houses to laptops, internet, high rise buildings.


Today, she knows the world around, she understands how important it to work hard. She has an ambition now and moreover a will to do. She is currently pursuing her skill development program in Mohali and is amongst the brightest students in her class.


She is still reading, but not children books anymore. Her abilities have increased many times, she hogs on thicker novels now. And yes, her motive to learn English has been completed, now she is on a newer boat with a new destination to be something in life.


~ Harshana Kathpalia, B.Com (Hons.) Hindu College,
~ New Delhi, 26th June 2013

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